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The product

What is DiCE?

DiCE is a design device that allows you to view energy consumption at home or in the company. Associated with its Kit, it allows the constant control of consumption, also generating an alarm signal in case of imminent disconnection of the electric current. DiCE is able to have more light functions and to interact with the user through simple touchless movements of the hand, a few centimeters away from its surface.

What advantages does the DiCE system offer?

- It allows the constant control of consumption both through its light signals and through the dedicated app;
- Through its light signals, it warns the user in case of imminent power disconnection;
- It creates awareness on energy consumption: it helps the user to minimize waste, save costs and respect the environment.

DiCE changes the relationship we have with energy. Thanks to the use of colors, energy consumption becomes valuable information at our disposal and that we can manage more wisely.

Mode of operation

How does the DiCE System work?

DiCE system consists of four elements:
- DiCE, the device that displays consumption;
- the DiCE Energy app, an app for iOS and Android, downloadable for free on your smartphone, which enables the user to access a whole series of data and information on the electricity consumption of his home or company;
- DiReader, the consumption reader, to be installed near the electric power meter;
- DiGateway, the device placed in the home or business environment, which uses the data reported by the reader DiReader to transmit them to DiCE and its app.

The DiCE system is easyplay ®, therefore requires a DIY installation, easy and quick, without any intervention on the electrical system.

Can I buy more DiCE and use only one Kit?

Yes, you can connect up to seven DiCE to a single DiCE Kit, and then to just one electric meter.
Each DiCE must be associated with DiGateway, as indicated in the Instructions, in the paragraph "DiCE Association with the DiGateway device".

Can I install DiReader on my home counter and bring DiCE to another home?

No. In order to work correctly, a maximum distance of 5 linear meters between DiCE and the DiGateway device must be maintained, while the maximum distance between the DiReader and DiGateway readers is 500 linear meters.

Does it also work in the company?

Of course! It works both at home and in the company.

Is the DiCE System compatible with all electric meters?

The electrical consumption detection system is compatible with 1000imp / kWh meters.

How can I know if my meter has 1000imp/kWh?

This data is reported on the structure of each counter.

If the meter changes, what happens to the DiCE System?

a) If the electric meter changes because it is replaced by a new meter, with the same electrical user as the previous one, just reinstall the DiReader on the new electric meter.

b) If you want to install the DiReader on a new meter, associating it with a different electric appliance compared to the previous one, it will be necessary to update the data on the dedicated app, in order to guarantee its full functionality: to perform this update, contact the Customer care.

Does DiCE work even if I do not install the Kit?

To view your electricity consumption, both from DiCE and the dedicated app, you must also install the DiCE Kit. By installing only DiCE instead, you can use only some of its light functions, such as the Fun function and the Rainbow function.

Does the DiCE System need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or ADSL network?

No. The System Dice, thanks to its internal connectivity, is already connected to the Cloud.

How much does DiCE consume?

DiCE can consume up to a maximum of 4,5 W.

How much does DiGateway use?

DiGateway can consume up to a maximum of 5,5 W.

How do I know that the current is going to skip?

When DiCE is colored with red light it means that you are about to reach the limit of your available power; when it starts blinking, always with red light, it means that the risk of blackout has been reached.

How often is the data on my consumption / power updated?

The data update is reproduced by DiCE from a minimum of 3 seconds up to a maximum time of 100 seconds, and this depends on the quality of the signal between DiReader and DiGateway (eg the presence or absence of architectural barriers can affect the signal). Instead, the data is sent to the cloud, and then to the app, every 5 minutes.

How is consumption / power information collected?

Data acquisition takes place by monitoring the flashing LED present on each energy counter. By detecting the number of flashes in time, it allows to obtain the energy consumed, and to derive the average power used by the user.

How long does the DiReader reader battery last?

The internal battery of the DiReader has a capacity that guarantees its duration up to 24 months.

How can I know if DiReader's battery is running down?

The DiCE Energy app will forward you a notification to warn you.

How can I change DiReader's battery?

If you need to change the battery, contact Customer Service (it is not possible to replace it autonomously).

What happens if DiCE is disconnected or loses power?

The Lantern function will be activated, while electricity consumption will continue to be shown on the DiCE Energy app. Once reconnected, DiCE will resume its normal operation.

What happens if DiGateway is disconnected or loses power?

Consumption data will no longer be transmitted to DiCE and the DiCE Energy app, with no ability to display them. DiGateway will still be configured in case of power failure.

What happens if the DiReader sensor flashes (or its support) is disconnected?

Consumption data will no longer be transmitted to DiGateway, so your power consumption will be zero on both the DiCE Energy app and the DiCE device.

What happens if DiReader is removed from the counter?

Consumption data will no longer be transmitted to DiGateway, so your electricity consumption will be zero on both the DiCE Energy app and the DiCE device. If you have enabled app notifications, you will receive one that will notify you of removing / moving the DiReader reader from the counter.

How long does DiCE take to become operational, once connected to the power supply?

When connected to the power supply, DiCE will search via Bluetooth for the DiGateway device to which it was previously associated. The connection search can last up to a maximum of 30 seconds, after which DiCE will become operational.


Is the DiCE App free? For which device is it downloadable?

The DiCE app is free and you need a smartphone connected to the internet to use it. The app is currently available only for iPhone, with iOS 11 minimum operating system.


Is my data safe?

Sure! Your data is protected from any external threat thanks to the TLS / SSL encryption system that preserves its anonymity.

Purchase, return and warranty

Where is the DiCE System purchased? And how will I be delivered?

The DiCE System can be purchased online, on the site, from which it will be sent to the buyer's address. Or it can be purchased through the ABenergie sales network, which will directly deliver to the requested address: contact the toll free number 800 984 400 (from the landline) and the number +39 035 2819299 (from the mobile network), from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, or write an email to

Can you buy the DiCE System even if you are not an ABenergie customer?

Of course, in this case the energy consumption indicated in the DiCE Energy app can not be valued in euros but only in kWh consumed.

How much does the DiCE System cost? And how can you pay?

See the commercial offer in the Shop section of the website

If I purchase the DiCE System from customer ABenergie and then change supplier, what happens?

If I purchase the DiCE System from customer ABenergie and then change supplier, what happens?

How long is the guarantee?

The DiCE System is guaranteed by law:
• 12 months for defects
• 24 months for conformity defects

Can a return be made? How long?

As required by law, you can exercise the right of withdrawal within the fourteenth day of delivery of the product.

How can I make a return?

To request a return, just send an e-mail to


How can I contact Customer Service?

The Customer Service is at your disposal at the e-mail address or by calling the toll-free number 800 984 400 (from the landline) and the number +39 035 2819299 (from the mobile network), from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

How can I contact Technical Support?

Technical Support is at your disposal at the e-mail address