The DiCE system is easyplay ®: the installation is DIY, easy and quick, and you don’t have to make any changes to the electrical network.


Booting the DiGateway for the first time:

1. Connect the power unit to the DiGateway device and then to the power socket. After a few seconds, the four blue LEDs on the device will switch on.

DiCE installation


Installing the DiReader and adaptor:

1. Apply the support for the flash sensor onto the power meter using the special tape, overlapping the hole where the upper LED is positioned (as shown in the image).

DiCE installation

2. Insert the flash sensor into the adaptor and place the DiReader close to the power meter.

DiCE installation

3. Switch on the DiReader by pressing the “ON” button: the LED of the DiReader will replicate the flashes of the power meter for about 5 minutes, after which the LED will go off.

DiCE installation


Linking the DiCE with the DiGateway device:

1. Make sure that the DiGateway and the DiReader have been properly installed and that they work properly.

2. Disconnect the Bluetooth module from the DiGateway device.

3. Connect the DiCE to the DiGateway using the USB cable.

4. DiCE will start blinking; the light will go on steady and no longer blink to signal that the linkage operation was successful.

DiCE installation

5. Disconnect the USB cable from the DiGateway device (reinserting the Bluetooth module into the DiGateway), reconnect it to the DiCE power unit and then connect the power unit to the power socket. DiCE will start blinking; the light will go on steady and no longer blink to signal that that it is now able to communicate with the DiGateway from remote.

DiCE installation

Never touch any live parts while installing the device.

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