DiCE has several operating modes that can be selected by the user with a set of simple gestures of the hand, standing only a few centimetres away from the surface of the device.

Funzioni DiCE


IMPORTANT REMINDER: whenever you switch the DiCE on, the operating mode set by default is the Consumption mode. You can shift from one mode to another with a simple gesture of your hand either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Consumption mode

DiCE displays the electricity consumed using different colours and it does so through two operating modes that you can select using the DiCE app:

Dynamic Colours
In this mode, to display the electricity consumed, DiCE uses all the range of colours available dynamically..

DiCE funzioni colori dinamici


Traffic Light Colours
Static mode in which the three colours of a traffic light are used to clearly display the electricity consumed.

DiCE funzioni colori semaforo


Atmosphere mode

With a simple set of gestures, in the Atmosphere mode, the user can choose the colour and brightness he/she prefers.

Fun mode

This is a mode designed to provide entertainment in which the DiCE randomly changes colour. The user has to touch DiCE when it turns red: if the colour is stopped in time, the DiCE will display a cycle of green lights and will display the colours randomly at a progressively faster speed.

Rainbow mode

In this colourful mode, DiCE will display a bright choreography, reproducing the colours of the rainbow.

Lantern mode

In addition to the modes described above, DiCE also features a Lantern Mode. This mode cannot be selected from the mode menu and is automatically enabled when there is a power shortage (i.e. in the event of a black-out). The mode allows the DiCE to stay on with a neutral white light and to light up the surrounding environment just as lantern would do